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Airzon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Airzon specializes in manufacturing cement feeding blowers and positive displacement blowers tailored to specific requirements.

Airzon specializes in the production of TRI LOBE ROOTS BLOWERS, also known as POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT ROTARY COMPRESSORS. These blowers find applications across various industries, particularly in wastewater treatment plants, where they operate effectively in a wide pressure range, from strong vacuum to high pressure.

One of its key features is the ability to deliver a constant gas flow at different pressures, while maintaining high efficiency. Moreover, due to the absence of lubricants in the compression area, the pumped gas remains uncontaminated.

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Airzon specializes in the manufacturing of cement
feeding blower and positive displacement blower based on requirement.

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We are a renowned manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of ROOTS BLOWERS n India.

Why you should select AIRZON New Three Lobe Roots Blower?

Pressure Pulses are the major noise source of blower. Three lobe design can effeiciently reduce noise by apprx. 5dB.

Less vibration transmitted through the lobe result apprx. 20% longer bearing life.

AIRZON three lobe blower are new series Roots type blower. Rotor are manufactured on high precision CNC machines ensuring high performance, lower noise level & vibration.

  • Stable air flow and less pressure vibration.
  • Oil free air.
  • Simple construction and easy maintenance.
  • All bearing are lubricated by oil.

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