Product Description

As per industry guidelines, Airzon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers Centralized Vacuum Systems. Using a central vacuum system makes vacuum cleaning and pickup more convenient for multiple operators at the same time.Vacuum Clean's Central Vacuum Cleaning System is the ideal cleaning solution for milling and food processing facilities. Through a piping network, it removes and collects dust and product residues simultaneously. In order for this Vacuum System to meet the needs of the Client, Airzon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will customize it according to those needs. As a result of our R&D team's work, we have been able to design an optimal system that ensures a safe work environment and avoids micro dust recirculation completely. Detailed drawings of the vacuum system layout are included with every proposal.


  • Type of material
  • Quantity of material
  • Weight of material
  • Characteristics of material (i.e. sticky, wet, dry, etc.)
  • Particle size
  • Length of the piping system
  • Diameter of hoses
  • Length of hoses and type of accessories
  • Characteristics of the atmosphere (i.e. Explosive, outdoors, indoors etc.)
  • Number of operators


  • Large Factory Floors
  • Clean Rooms
  • Chemical Plants
  • Automobile Service Stations
  • Textile Units
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cement Plants
  • Mechanical industries


  • One Time Investment
  • Ease of Operation
  • Efficient Cleaning Mechanism
  • Energy Conservation
  • Flexibility
  • Less Noise